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“We had put up with a rather dilapidated kitchen, full of old units and cramped conditions, for years. Ray and his team transformed this dingy, depressing area into a light, bright, open space, making a modern, state-of-the art and streamlined kitchen in the process.

Throughout, Ray was not only an exemplary builder – knocking down walls, putting in new windows and evening floor levels – he was also a master-artist. His eye for sympathetic detail, and his vision for the most efficient use of the area, puts him in a class of his own as a craftsperson. In particular, Ray was able masterfully to conceal supporting beams, blend in old bricks and keep everything in tune with the house’s period features.

The kitchen, as it now is, accommodates technical gadgetry and smooth surfaces, making it a delight to eat in, relax in and generally experience. As overseer of the entire project, Ray consulted at every stage, advising on tiles, décor, lighting and woodwork, and showing himself a consummate professional.”

Mark Burnett, Belfast

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